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    Milani Gems seems to be fine- I bought it today and the polish goes on lovely!
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    I usually don’t splurge on makeup and nail polish but for some reason I really wanted the Deborah Lippman Happy Birthday...
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    I have the Wet N Wild one! It’s pretty cool. Not complaining.
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    Just got the Wet n Wild this weekend!
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    …love that they show you the alternative to spending what I think is way too much money on nail polish. Good to know we...
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    I splurged….. worth it!
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    That’s all folks! #LOONEYTUNESVOICE
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  12. jauntylisa said: Milani all the way!
  13. mar-kicksass said: I have Milani Gems and am happy with that. I’ve never owned a DL.
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  15. naaaaaaz said: Definitely the Milani! I love DL and Milani but Happy Birthday isn’t worth it to me.
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    Milani Gems, YYYEEEAAA
  17. westacadia said: The Gems looks the same as Birthday to me, but I haven’t had a very good experience with Milani polishes in the past. Eh, but then again what’s $3-5 to find out, right?
  18. jessicayaq said: Actually, my favorite “Save” here would be Ulta - Pinata Yada Yada!
  19. jedbartlets said: Save. Milani Gems!
  20. serenatheteenagewitch said: I think the Wet n Wild one has the prettiest color combo.
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    Lippmann Happy Birthday. I have both HB and Gems, and i really perfer HB. It has a thinner clear base that doesn’t...
  22. moonblossom said: I picked up Milani Gems the other day and I couldn’t be more pleased. I don’t see the point in paying Lippmann prices for glitter in a clear base, honestly.
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    SPLURGE. I love my DL Happy Birthday, nothing compares to it.
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